CPU ThinkSystem (Xeon SP Gen 2)

Part CPU ThinkSystem Bảo Hành
4XG7A37938 Intel Xeon Bronze 3204 6C 85W 1.9GHz Processor  




12 tháng

4XG7A37932 Intel Xeon Silver 4210 10C 85W 2.2GHz Processor
4XG7A37929 Intel Xeon Silver 4214 12C 85W 2.2GHz Processor
4XG7A37923 Intel Xeon Silver 4216 16C 100W 2.1GHz Processor
4XG7A37916 Intel Xeon Gold 5215 10C 85W 2.5GHz Processor
4XG7A37919 Intel Xeon Gold 5217 8C 115W 3.0GHz Processor
4XG7A37895 Intel Xeon Gold 5218 16C 125W 2.3GHz Processor
4XG7A37892 Intel Xeon Gold 5220 18C 125W 2.2GHz Processor
4XG7A37951 Intel Xeon Gold 5222 4C 105W 3.8GHz Processor
4XG7A38021 Intel Xeon Gold 6226 12C 125W 2.7GHz Processor
4XG7A37889 Intel Xeon Gold 6230 20C 125W 2.1GHz Processor

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